>>> Lots of great, and better referrals.

Here is the most important thing you will discover about this outstanding network of attorneys and professionals.

>>> When you build connections with experienced members of FLN, referrals and business opportunities will be generated. It may not happen within 24 hours (although it has), but over time your consistency and participation is greatly rewarded by surrounding yourself with seasoned, qualified and experienced attorneys.

When attorneys gain the trust of fellow members, business opportunities invariably arise.

It's not automatic. Just because you join, doesn't mean you have a fundamental right to receive referrals. All business opportunities must be earned.

In this honored profession, legal clients are cherished, and will only be referred when a great connection of trust has been established. 

Ultimately, [FLN - Members] are personally and professionally rewarded for the connections they develop, and through diligence, perseverance and commitment the benefits are plentiful. 

FLN - Founder's Message

FLN was started and created in 2010, when I became frustrated, annoyed, and aggravated that we did not have a professional legal organization that was truly dedicated and committed to helping us build long-term connections with experienced members of the Florida Bar.

As a proud member of the Florida Bar since 1997, I have seen our legal community double, expand and explode over the last many years, and it was truly time to implement an organization that was dedicated and committed to helping us build, develop and maintain long-term connections with experienced members of the Florida Bar.

Most lawyers in Florida are not part of a big Law firm, and while they love being in their own practice, they don't enjoy the isolation that often comes with a private practice.

By surrounding our members with similar, like-minded, experienced attorneys, we can all share knowledge, resources, experience and camaraderie throughout our careers.

What about referrals?

To create a solid network of experienced attorneys in each area of practice throughout Florida. 

We envision a powerful network of like-minded attorneys to share cases, information, insight, knowledge and resources throughout the entire legal network.

The ultimate goal is to goal is to harness the energy from the growing and experienced legal community to create a tremendous, powerful and extremely resourceful network of qualified and experienced professionals.

As a group, this network can achieve impressive results by multiplying the efforts of each of its members.

Through the power of synergy and harmony, our members can create a better legal community by working together to help each member succeed.

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[FLN - History]

​​FLN has been providing "value and benefit" to the Florida Legal Community since 2010. 

​In January of 2011, the first members of the Florida Bar participated in the very first [FLN - Chapter] meeting in Fort Lauderdale, and since then more than several hundred attorneys have joined the network in one of many Chapters throughout South East Florida. 

FLN provides a very powerful opportunity for seasoned, skilled and experienced members of the Florida Legal community to build and develop relationships with like-minded attorneys and professionals on a consistent basis.

By having strong and solid connections in local Chapters, the [FLN - Members] have a great opportunity to enhance their presence by connecting with hundreds of [FLN - Members] in numerous Chapters throughout Florida. 

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