• Maintain a policy consistent with your Mediation certification for all matters;

  • Remain in good standing with your Meditation certification at all times; 

  • Provide great services to your clients at all times;

  • Maintain the highest level of honesty and integrity when communicating and connecting with FLN Members and other professionals throughout the community;

  • Provide great services to each and every matter; 

  • Attend [FLN - Chapter] meetings on a regular basis; 

  • Have a sincere and genuine desire to provide "Value and Benefit" to the other members of the organization; 

  • Keep members of the network properly informed about the status of referrals.​​


Please note: To ensure the quality and integrity of the organization, existing members that are not able to make these commitments may be replaced by other candidates.

[FLN - Members] that actively and consistently participate in this outstanding network of attorneys and professionals will experience the following opportunities: 

  • Becoming a better professional by being surrounded by qualified, seasoned and experienced professionals;

  • Having a solid network of attorneys and professionals that clients can be referred to;

  • Building long-term connections with fellow members in your existing Chapter while connecting with hundreds of members in the adjacent Chapters;

  • Gaining more and better business opportunities through referrals; 

  • Helping fellow colleagues succeed by growing their business; 

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​​​[FLN - Members] contribute periodic membership dues to provide the necessary resources to operate, administrate and implement this outstanding network of attorneys and professionals.

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FLN was founded in 2010, and since then hundreds of Florida Lawyers have joined this outstanding network of attorneys and professionals.

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>>>> Please note: FLN is a private membership organization that retains the sole and exclusive right to grant or deny membership to any individual for any reason at any time that is not suitable or consistent with the [FLN - Mission].  Exceptions to any FLN requirements or policies may be provided, but shall not alter, modify or adjust any existing or future policies. 

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[FLN - Membership Commitments]

The Florida Lawyers Network recognizes and appreciates that qualified and effective Mediators are an integral part of the Florida Legal Community.

In June of 2013, FLN started accepting and reviewing applications from experienced Mediators to become active members in each [FLN - Chapter].

Mediator Requirements:

  • Qualified applicants must have at least 3 years of experience as a Florida Supreme Court Mediator.

  • Only a select number of Mediators will be selected and approved in each Chapter, and priority will be given to existing FLN Members before other candidates are considered.

  • Existing FLN Members that would like to add Mediation to their current area of practice are also eligible for consideration in certain Chapters.

The primary goal and purpose of the FLN - Mediators will be to provide Mediation services to other FLN - Members in a variety of matters, and to give [FLN - Members] an opportunity to select qualified Mediators within the exclusive statewide network of professionals.

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